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  • 7 major mistakes That 99% of people make while creating a resume (including the day, the time and medium used to sending your resumes)
  • My 3-tiered Reach model that helps you divide your time among different types of Employer Reach Mediums
  • PLUS Live Q&A and mentoring to get ALL your questions answered about how to navigate these uncertain times and go through this process step-by-step...

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Who am I and why should you trust me?


Hi, I'm Akshay Goel. I am the World's ONLY Career Choreographer. I help corporate professionals land the exact job they want at the most competitive salary, so that, their entire career -- no, their entire life -- would change for the better and I will be able to make world a better place. I have coached and mentored 40,000+ students globally to help them get their Dream Jobs.

After studying at IIT Kharagpur, IIM Calcutta and HKUST Business school, I've involved in the recruitment process of numerous Fortune 500 companies (including Google, Amazon, Mckinsey, BCG, RBS and many more) and I've personally reviewed more than 5000 resumes & cover letters and taken countless mock-interviews, including many world's top universities, such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT, IIT Kharagpur, IIM Calcutta to name few of them.

My students and clients got job offers from

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Who is this Resume Workshop for?

Firstly, No, Resume is not only for people who are unemployed and looking for jobs 😑. It’s the most important document for any professional who wants to succeed in his/her career, build a strong personal brand and get the highest salary among their peers.

That’s exactly what this training would teach you in just 5 days.

  • You feel stuck in a career you no longer love

  • You're motivated to make a career change, but you've got no idea what to do next

  • You have procrastinated applying for jobs because your resume “isn’t ready”

  • You're getting nowhere with job boards or recruiters


Here's a sample of what my clients have said....

"I was able to create a crisp comprehensive resume at the end of the 5 days and exactly know how to approach my job search further."

"I came across Akshay's 5 day training when I was feeling lost, stuck, and unsure of how to start my job search. The training and small small exercises helped me to get clarity step-by-step. I loved Akshay's attitude, energy and enthusiasm and the way he discussed ideas was very helpful to put together my resume. I was able to create a crisp comprehensive resume at the end of the 5 days and exactly know how to approach my job search further."

Ayush G., Program Manager, Microsoft

"....17% salary increase with almost no effort."

"Few people have the opportunity to work with a coach and mentor that is of Akshay's quality, but I did. I not only landed multiple job offers with his help, but I used his negotiation tips to get a 17% salary increase with almost no effort."

Saurabh S, Sales Manager, P&G

"Last week alone, I received 7 inquiries from recruiters and got 5 interview calls.” 

"I have been searching for job for last few months and it was frustrating to get ZERO responses / feedback from companies as well as recruiters. After using the tips that Akshay taught in the 5 Day training, last week alone, I received 7 inquiries from recruiters and got 5 interview calls. I always felt it is impossible for my profile to get shortlisted, but Akshay showed me how. Thank you so much."

Shilpi L, Data Scientist, Linkedin

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

I have tried my best to answer all the frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please email to : ( Give us 24 hours to respond back ). My awesome support team will get back to you 🙂

The LIVE Online Masterclass sessions will happen for 5 days, starting Wed, Jun 17th.

Here is the Detailed Schedule and Duration:

Wed, Jun 17th, 11:30am ET / 9:00pm IST / 03:30pm GMT : 60 - 90 mins session

Thu, Jun 18th, 11:30am ET / 9:00pm IST / 03:30pm GMT : 60 - 90 mins session

Fri, Jun 19th, 11:30am ET / 9:00pm IST / 03:30pm GMT : 60 - 90 mins session

Sat, Jun 20th, 10:00am ET / 7:30pm IST / 02:00pm GMT : 3 hours session

Sun, Jun 21st, 10:00am ET / 7:30pm IST / 02:00pm GMT : 3 hours session

"When you feel as though you can't do something, the simple antidote is action. Begin doing it. Start the process, even if it's just a simple step, and don't stop at the beginning. "

So...are you in?

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